Langley memorial hospital foundation

Branding  |  Advertising  |  Print & digital

Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation believes people enjoy life and make a difference in their community when they’re at their healthiest. Their mission: connect with supporters to help contribute to the urgent needs of the hospital, and provide better health care and services to patients in the community. 

In part of their outreach and communication strategies, I had the opportunity to develop, design, and aid in the production of their marketing assets – promoting fundraising events, campaigns, and programs. 

Designs were created using Canva as a tool to lay out elements sourced online, from other designers, stakeholders, or from shoots I had coordinated with photographers.  Design mock-ups were prepared on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at a later time.

The assets were designed and prepared for digital and print platforms on the hospital campus and throughout the community on displays, social media, or local publications. Each piece required I follow and maintain the Foundation’s brand guidelines as well as those from partnering organizations and corporate sponsors.   

Some visual brand identities I worked with had been previously established or set by collaborating designers, but I had the opportunity to largely recreate the visual language for holiday campaigns, the Grateful Patient Program, and the Giving Hearts Gala 2022 and 2023, retaining its wordmark from the past. 

View more of my print and digital work in a Giving Hearts Gala 2023 video here.

Whether the goal is to call audiences to give back, drive ticket sales, showcase community support, or raise awareness, I gained experience in organizing text, images, and graphics, creating designs that consider legibility and the hierarchy of presented information.   

Working with a variety of projects at Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation before pursuing my education in design gifted me valuable insight that I carry in my design approach today: consider the target audience, the settings of where my work would be viewed, and the medium it’s presented in.