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Esther of Sandigan Wellness is an empathetic and empowering clinical counsellor, as well as a strong advocate for mental healthcare accessibility. In this rebranding project, I incorporated many elements of her approach and personality, using Adobe Illustrator for the artwork, InDesign for layouts, and Photoshop for editing imagery and preparing mockups. As she uses Wix to host her website, I applied her new brand identity to the platform as well.

View the live website here:

The Process & Design

Esther’s work is rooted in the concept that we as individuals are like walking mosaics – we reflect the experiences we’ve lived through as well as the ones we haven’t. I used this messaging to guide much of the design process, especially in developing an advertising concept for print and digital platforms.  

Coming from a Filipina-Chinese background, she chose the name “Sandigan” in Tagalog which means “to support”, so I made a simple yet impactful logo that captures this theme along with others.

Two Philippine jasmines connect to represent the collaborative client-counsellor relationship, showing that she acknowledges herself to be growing alongside her clients. These flowers can be reinterpreted as sparks of learning and insight, or even the experience of two individuals becoming a piece of each other’s mosaic. Lastly, an “S” for “Sandigan” is also formed with the three middle petals, alluding to her expertise in helping others adapt different perspectives.

Soft, rounded edges in the logo and illustrations reflect the safe, comforting tone of her services. This decision was also carried in using the rounded-serif typeface, Roca. Lowercase headers were chosen to help show her as approachable and friendly.

Reinforcing her comforting character, I used light values of yellow as a background on many pieces, with green to show that sense of calm, renewal, and growth. Blue was used for reliability and trust, and orange for representing her friendly demeanor.

Esther works with youth and adults of many backgrounds, so I made sure to include imagery of diverse populations engaging in a broad spectrum of social and individual day-to-day activities. I chose this style of imagery to help others feel that they can open to her about different areas of life and know they are welcomed at Sandigan Wellness – as they are today and as they hope to become.

Updating her website design to reflect this brand identity also required UX/UI enhancements to help users easily find the support they need. These enhancements on desktop and mobile include establishing a consistent footer and banner, increasing the contrast of body text against backgrounds, providing a clear call-to-action button, grouping related pages (such as services, billing options, and sliding scale rates), and visually separating long text excerpts for better pacing.

Click on the image below to scroll through the before and after changes.

View the changes in action here:

Working with Sandigan Wellness in this project allowed me to explore my skills in logo and brand concept development, as well as web design layouts. My connection with Esther also continues to deepen my understanding that there’s more beyond the surface of whatever and whoever we encounter. It’s extraordinary to see such colourful stories pieced together.